Heirloom Quality Cabinetry


European Frameless Style Cabinetry

Frameless cabinetry offers up to date style and function.

Storage space is significantly increased when face frames are eliminated.  By using this method there are many more wood species that can be selected for your design. There is no need for solid lumber materials which alot of exotic species are not available. This not only saves trees but also cuts the overall cost of your project.


Unique Cabinets

Kirk Kreations specializes in one of a kind cabinetry. We are the only local shop that has the ability to do all of our veneering in shop. With 27 years of custom veneer design, cutting, assembly and layup we are the choice for that unique wood project.


Award Winning

Kirk Kreations has won several national awards for veneering and design work. 

2002 winner of the MASW award for excellence for his Ferdinand the Bull marquetry bed

2012 Veneertech Master Craftsman Challenge for his "Summer Love" marquetry bed

2016 Veneertech Master Craftsman Challenge for the Ebony and Sapele Pomelle master closet cabinetry

2016 Veneertech Master Craftsman Challenge for the Ebony Kings bed

The frameless style of cabinetry offers unlimited design opportunities in function and looks. This style is your best choice for maximizing storage space. Also by eliminating the need for solid lumber materials your costs are dramatically decreased. The design possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

We use only the finest in door and drawer hardware to insure a lifetime of funtion. The selections of hardware range from push to open door and drawers to soft close hinges and guides. If security or concealment is needed there are numerous options available as well.

 The equipment in our shop is designed to produce all components in a time efficient and top quality manner. By producing most components in shop we can insure quality as well as budget constraints. 

 We offer any wood specie selection available on the market for your project. Working with you on veneer selections, finishing choices and all other aspects of the job ensures your dreams and visions come to life. With total in house custom veneering services we can complete your project totally onsite. There are so many choices available in wood selection not known to most wood shops.  Our large inventory of exotic woods are just a small portion of whats available to you. Give us a call to schedule a tour of the shop and to discuss your one of a kind project. 

Kirk Kreations offers face framed cabinets to those who prefer this traditional method over frameless. Face framed cabinets offer the look of "furniture".  The possibilities of design and function are endless. 

All door styles will accentuate the cabinets looks. Door overlays vary greatly and can change the look of the cabinet.  Many design features such as posts, legs, fluted columns, bun feet and so much more will give the look and feel you desire.

Face frame cabinet wood choices are numerous, but are limited to solid lumber availability. By building the cabinets with domestic woods and adding exotics to the door panels the possibilities of designs are increased. The use of multiple species of woods on a project can enhance its looks, this needs to be done with complimentary colors or it can also ruin the project. Schedule a consultation on your project to see in person the wood selections and how your vision can be achieved.   

Commercial Laminate Cabinets


Specialty Cabinetry

Kirk Kreations offers more than just cabinets.

We produce any kind of wood work needed like this tv/seating area for an entertaining room. 


Laminate Options

We offer various types of materials for laminate from textured to smooth, endless color selection and metal laminates also. 


Office Cabinet Built Ins

Office cabinets and furniture available in long lasting laminate.Kirk Kreations has fully furnished small and large offices. Offerings include reception desks,conference tables, seating areas, modular cabinets and any other office wood needs.


Exotic Woods

Exotic woods create visually stunning and unique looks to any project. The selections of Exotics available is endless. They vary in color, graining and feel. We specialize in different matches of veneers to create visually stunning works of art. 

Domestic Woods

Domestic woods are woods sourced in the US and Canada. These include walnut, maple, white and red oak, birch, cherry, alder, hickory, mahogany, and a few more. Domestic lumber is easily obtained and more budget friendly than most exotics . 


Burl woods are the growths on trees that produces some of the most amazing looking veneers. Burls are used mostly as accents to furniture or as wood art. Entire cabinets can be covered in burl veneers for a very rich look.   

Precious Metals

Over the years Kirk has added precious metal inlays into wood. Metals used primarily are silver, brass and gold. Inlayed details or strips are the primary uses of the metals. 


Stone inlays are also used for creating details in wood. At Kirk Kreations we have the tools and knowledge of creating pictures from different stone materials. This is a very rare art form called 



Quite a few of our projects have included aluminum tubing for legs or cabinet/furniture details.

Some other materials used were cow hides, leather, formica and granite.